Guidelines for submitting an event to our Community Calendar

When submitting an event please include as much information as possible.

Your submission will likely be approved if…

  • it is submitted more than 5 days before the event starts
  • it contains all the information requested (see below)
  • it is clearly written
  • it is an event being held in Northern BC
  • any costs, fees and ticket prices are clearly stated

When filling out the Event form, all of the fields are required unless noted otherwise.

  • Your Name: Your own first and last name.
  • Your Contact Email: Your email address. Note: We will not contact you if your event is accepted or rejected.
  • Private notes…: Not required.
  • Event Title: The title of the event (example: “The 2018 Relay for Life”).
  • Keywords/Tags: Not required.
  • Event Image:  This image can be a logo, poster or a photo. Not required. Note: A poster will be difficult to read, so be sure to also include any information on the poster in the appropriate area of the form.
  • from / at / to / at: This is the start date/time of the event and the end date/time of the event. Note: If your event is longer than three days, please submit each day separately.
  • Event Description: This should include all the details of the event.
  • Venue name: Where the event is held. Not required.
  • Street Address: The address of the venue. Not required.
  • Directions: Special directions to the venue. Not required.

Ready? Submit your event here.

Please allow up to five days for your event to appear and report any errors to Mike Benny (